"Working with Steve Bryan at Premier Performance has been a very rewarding and fun process.  Steve has pushed me to work even harder at becoming a better athlete to prepare me for college level soccer.  I have greatly increased muscle strength in my quads, hamstrings, back, arms, and core.  Along with strength, I have been able to improve my agility and explosiveness in running.  This new muscle strength combined with improvement on agility and speed has greatly played into me being able to perform at higher levels in games and practices.  Being a goalkeeper, I have been able to be more explosive off my line, stronger when getting to balls, kicking and punting balls farther, and being able to save shots which require to me jump higher or dive farther due to Premier Performance’s training."

-Erin Burket, Ohio University Women's Soccer 


Steve has been instrumental in my success as an all around athlete through his eagerness to help me improve independent of the sport. I originally approached Steve for soccer strength, speed, and skills training, but I eventually began to focus more on swimming. While Steve initially had little experience with swimmers, he fully researched and learned about strength training for swimming. I feel that his adaptability to my needs as an athlete is unparalleled. Soon after switching from soccer-focused to swimming-focused training, I felt stronger in the pool and in conjunction with my in-water training began to achieve personal best times across all of my events. The aspect that really sets Steve apart from other trainers is his constant emphasis on technique and progression. From day one, it was clear that Steve sought perfect technique in everything. Before working with Steve I had never done any weight training, so Steve taught me how to do the exercises correctly and with the proper weight. Perfect technique helps me get the most out of every workout and has prevented injuries from training. Not only do I feel that I am a better swimmer as a result of Steve's training but I also feel that I am a better and smarter athlete.

-Matthew Marquardt